What Is Happiness?

Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash

Whatever happens, hard or good times, we all crave happiness for the heart.

That is the culmination of the journey of a piece of the heart when it is happy to face whatever befalls it.

A happy heart means no problems. Instead, it faces issues with a calm and airy nature.

Many people still wonder, what is happiness?

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Successful People Give A Lot

Many people fail because they think it is more important to get than give.

Whereas according to research, people who are successful in life are people who give a lot.

We often ask, how can this happen? Isn’t receiving we will get more instead of giving will reduce our wealth?

Yes, that’s our perception.

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Misunderstanding of the Extent of Allah SWT’s Mercy

Allah's mercy

Today, too many people failed to understand what is Allah’s mercy

This hadith indicates the tremendous and majestic blessings that we often forget. There is not the slightest reduction or injustice on the scales of our deeds in the hereafter.

Some ignorant people distort the phrase:

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Apa Beza Pelajaran dan Pendidikan? — Dr. Rem Dambul

Beza Pelajaran dan PendidikanSaya selalu ditanya: apa beza pelajaran dan pendidikan?

Saya bagi situasi hipotetikal:

Kau masuk universiti, kemudian keluar dengan ijazah kelas pertama.

Lepas itu, kau minum teh di kedai Mamak sambil hisap rokok berdebus-debus. Sikit pun tidak peduli orang keliling, kiri dan kanan.

Maksudnya, kau cuma pintar akademik, tapi pandir sivik.

— Berpelajaran, tapi tidak berpendidikan.

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