Time Management Problems

Some people already have methods and even have knowledge of time management but still do not manage it well;

Why does this happen, and how can we overcome it?

The answer is:

Build strong life principles. Put that principle in your heart.

The heart is the king in our kingdom. The heart rules the hands, feet, tongue, eyes, and all the senses.

When the heart already wants, we can use the methods we learn about time management.

Have a thousand forces; avoid a thousand excuses. When the heart has a will, then knowledge is helpful.

If we only know good learning methods but are lazy to learn, God willing forever, we will continue to be ignorant.

In short, the first is to build the will; then, the knowledge can be put into practice.

How to solve this problem?

Again, increase your self-confidence by increasing your confidence in God.

Remember the purpose of life that God has determined — from where, for what are we made, and where will we go after death?

If this is truly lived, then we have the desire to take good care of our lives.

When we desire to manage our lives well, we will be motivated to work our time well.

Only then can the methods we learn in the science of time management be implemented in daily life. God willing.

In short, to overcome this problem, we need to cultivate Faith.

With strong faith, we will wholly follow the teachings of Islam, and after all that is there, we can use the knowledge of time management well.

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