How To Expand The Starlink’s Wifi Coverage?

In this article, I will share how to extend and expand Starlink’s WiFi to reach every corner of your house.

The basic premise of my method is using a TP-Link router as a repeater. So if you already know about this, this article may not be suitable for you as it is intended to be step-by-step tutorials for people who don’t have any knowledge about Wi-Fi configuration.

So, if you are the kind of person that I intend for, let’s begin…

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Starlink Malaysia Review: Real-World Usage In Rural Sabah

Starlink Malaysia Review

In this article, I will share my review and experience using Starlink Malaysia on Banggi Island, Sabah. If you need information about the real-world usage of Starlink, this article might be useful to you.

Starlink, a satellite internet service owned by SpaceX, has begun operations in Malaysia. It offers high-speed internet access using a network of low-Earth orbit satellites.

The primary advantage of Starlink is its ability to provide fast and stable internet connections in remote and rural areas, typically hard to reach with traditional internet services.

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How To Live A Long Life


How to live a long life?

Before we dive into how to prolong our life, first, we should understand the purpose of life.

How was your view on the purpose of life?

Regardless what is your opinion, here is what is taught by Islam:

The purpose of living here (the world) is to cultivate crops for the harvest (good deeds) to live there (hereafter).

As Muslim believers, our purpose should go beyond this life and be prepared for the afterlife.

Whenever celebrating a birth anniversary, the appropriate greeting is not “happy long life” but merely “happy short life.”

This is because God has set the time of a person’s death since we are in the mother’s womb.

That is, the more days, the closer we move toward that destiny. Meaning, day by day, the shorter we live.

Yes, today, we are one step closer to the date of our death.

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