How To Live A Long Life


How to live a long life?

Before we dive into how to prolong our life, first, we should understand the purpose of life.

How was your view on the purpose of life?

Regardless what is your opinion, here is what is taught by Islam:

The purpose of living here (the world) is to cultivate crops for the harvest (good deeds) to live there (hereafter).

As Muslim believers, our purpose should go beyond this life and be prepared for the afterlife.

Whenever celebrating a birth anniversary, the appropriate greeting is not “happy long life” but merely “happy short life.”

This is because God has set the time of a person’s death since we are in the mother’s womb.

That is, the more days, the closer we move toward that destiny. Meaning, day by day, the shorter we live.

Yes, today, we are one step closer to the date of our death.

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7 Techniques To Work On Lures Effectively

lure retrieve

Ever regret buying a lure?

The majority of the lures on the market already have a built-in swimming action. But some lures have no action when just retrieved in straight.

When this happens, it is very frustrating because the price of the lure is not cheap.

You should know that some lures are created with a specific purpose.

For example, a fast sinking lure is very effective when working with the jerking technique, but its action seems ‘dead’ if we only give it a damn straight retrieve.

Therefore, we have to determine the suitable technique for each lure. Then here comes the time when the understanding of how lures work seems essential to us.

This article will describe some of the step-by-step methods you can use to make the lures become your ‘killing weapon.’

Interested? Let’s start.

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Understanding Lures Action & How It’s Work

Anglers who excel with lures will usually do two things well:

  • First of all, they understand the action of each lure that gives them results.
  • Second, they cleverly adapt the lure swimming action to the needs and situation of the fishing field.

But you may be wondering:

How can I know and understand every difference of lure swimming action that suits my needs?

Today I will make this matter easy for you.

All you have to do is take a few minutes to understand each type of lure swimming action in the article below:

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