How to Make a Smooth Conversations (Even for Someone Who’s Not Good at Talking)

make conversations better
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I often hear complaints of this kind:

  • “my conversations don’t seem to go anywhere,”
  • “i try to say something, but then i get stuck for words and lose the thread of what i wanted to say.”

There are lots of people who are troubled by the fact that they can’t easily start conversations with others at the workplace or when having a drink somewhere, and are thus unable to form connections with others.

“I wish i could talk to people in relaxed, easy way,” they think, and a fair number may decide to learn techniques for stimulating good conversation.

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Listening To Others Make Relationships Go More Smoothly

listening to human stories
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If we listen with sincerity to other people’s stories, they will be pleased and grateful..

We live in relationship with various people day by day, and that means necessarily living in different sorts of relationships.

Most of our problems dan sorrows nowadays spring from difficulties in such relationships.

These various problems relating to our relationships have a common source, namely, the inability to understand the other person’s feeling.

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